Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sight Word Caterpillar

When I saw these I thought these are a great idea for the motivation for the kids to learn the words.  As soon as we started the caterpillar, Freya then said she wanted to reach to the 'other hull' which in about caterpillar parts is about 6 metres!  So at least she has the vision in mind!

The sights words from this website are American so the standards for your country might differ from those printed on the cards.  There are blank 'body circles' for you to write other words on which is very helpful.

Download the following Sight Word Caterpillars.

      To download the Kinder Sight Words
Click here.

To download the 1st Grade Sight Words
click here.

To download the 2nd Grade Sight Words
click here.

To download the 3rd Grade Sight Words
click here.

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