Saturday, 15 June 2013

Workshops on the Wharf - Story Cubes

Today it's a howling gale and lovely horizontal rain so what better things to do than to join the great team and make a story cube!  These are fabulous not only for story telling, but for using for spelling words, initial blends, final blends and could even be used for bingo word mats!

All you need is a template for a cube like this one here.

Print out the template - at least 3 copies per child.  Then decorate with your favourite stickers.

Once complete, cut out the template, tape together to form a cube.

Roll the first cube to start your story, then the 2nd to add to it, then the 3rd cube to add something different to your story and so on.  There are endless possibilities!

Enjoy your creativity in both making these funky and simple cubes, and watch your child's imagination grow!

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