Sunday, 14 July 2013

First Starship Hospital Visit

At midnight last night I heard a barking cough... Blake was having trouble breathing and I rang the ambulance.  They made it on board, told us to go to Starship Children's Hospital and get checked out.  Fortunately they pretty much diagnosed it as 'croop' immediately, which has been doing the rounds recently.  So, we had a trip in the ambulance, a checkup by the doctor and nurse, and then a loooong wait until the doctor discharged us (5am).  I don't wish that upon anyone and it's scary stuff.  Fortunately Blake recovered fast, and was pretty much back to normal and wanted to do 'stuff' while waiting for the doctor.  The distraction of pens and paper was a great idea as they were having far too much fun swinging the curtains back and forth!!

So from 1am until 5am Blake (now recovering well, nearly back to normal) and Freya (now having her 2nd wind), decided it was a good time for homeschooling.  Of course it's a great time! Why now!!??  The nurses gave them same paper and pens, and they coloured in some pictures, and the recycled calender on the other side was a great source of numbers for Blake to practice.  He's now very good at doing 'one to one' counting, and nearly gets to 20, (misses out 13, 17), so I didn't miss this opportunity if he wanted to do some maths!

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