Sunday, 7 July 2013

Workshops on the Wharf: Mini Rockets

Yet again another wonderful Workshops on the Wharf day meant the kids got off the boat and ventured to the playground where there was a nice little mini-rocket task taking place.  These super simple rockets were so quick to make, and so effective!! WOW!! Absolutely GREAT idea, for anytime!! Parties, afterschool, weekends, school holidays.  Very very easy.

You will need:

  • Small piece of paper, approx 200mm x 50mm
  • pens, felts etc
  • tape
  • straws

Basically, you get your paper, colour it in to create your own rocket, then roll it around a coloured pencil and tape to secure the shape.

"Roll" one end to make the front end of the rocket and tape.

Place over your selected 'shooter' or straw.

Point somewhere safe and blow to propel the rocket!

Told you it was easy!!! And they are great fun!
Just remember to point them to a safe place away from people!

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