Saturday, 13 July 2013

Word Families: Family Tree

After playing the Word Family Match Up Mats I decided it would be good reinforcing to do a family 'tree'.  Each branch had a different 'family' on it, and the leaves had the words on them.  Very simple and effective. I used an old pineapple label to make the leaves for Freya's tree, so that it 'sparkled'.  Freya need a little hand to get started but was away after that.

For Blake's tree I kept it simple and went back to the beginning letter for each word. Each branch had a 'letter' instead of a 'family'.   She enjoyed putting the leaves back on the tree.  Blake enjoyed it, but got a bit confused with b and d which is quite normal, so needed a little help in the end.

Blake's simple "Family Tree" made up of the starting letters of each word

Freya's "Family Tree" showing the more complex 'families' made from a pineapple tag from the supermarket.

I loved doing this simply.  It could've been a huge thing to do a massive tree and put it on the wall, but I wanted to keep it simple, and quick.  The kids love looking in their workbooks, and over time they go back and see what they have done, so mainly everything goes in there.  I also loved that I could re-use something that was otherwise going to go in the bin.  Freya loved the 'gold' fleck on her leaves.

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