Thursday, 21 June 2012


M.O.T.A.T = Museum of Transport and Technology

While in Auckland City we decided that a trip to Motat was a great idea, and we asked our friend Bob to come along as well as he is keen on all the inventions and development of technology.  There is SO much to take in once you are there, so plan for a whole day if you can!  We took a packed lunch, and the kids coped surprisingly well for the 4 hours we were there.  We will definately go again, and look at the things we just brushed through briefly.

The main areas the kids were interested in were Transport (ie. trams), Electricity (the bright lights and interactive display), Lights & Mirrors (prisms, reflections etc), and Kiwi Identity (brands they recognise, kiwi-styles they are aware of in their own everyday lives).

After looking through the plane museum we then took a tram ride to the other part of Motat.  It is very exciting for the kids, and having explained that this was the mode of public transport (not too many) years ago, they found it fascinating that our grandparents and parents used these.  There is a recently opened Wynyard Quarter tram ride, which we were able to go on before going to Motat, so it was nice to compare them both.

Click for the Transport resource PDF booklet.

Lights & Mirrors
Lights and mirrors have always fascinated me, and it was very exciting for me to see the kids enjoying them too!  Freya had a great time using the prisms, and Blake found it great seeing his legs disappear! 

Click for the Lights & Mirrors resource PDF booklet.

The kids were very interested in the Electricity and Science part of Motat, where they can experience a 'hands on' approach in making electricity, watching electricity going through a circuit, and recalling what they have in their own home (or boat in our instance) that uses electricity.  Bob was especially excited by the thought that his own hands could charge the batteries in his boat!

Click for the Electricity resource PDF booklet.

Kiwi Identity
Both Freya and Blake loved the little "BBQ table" which is very "Kiwiana".  They also saw things that they have seen in the street and at the supermarket, ie. white picket fence, Marmite, and Tip Top (most recently the Tip Top ice cream shipping container at the Viaduct).  They also loved the display of pavlova and the living room which had an old style TV and couch in, a typical "kiwi as" living room!

 Click for Kiwi Identity resource PDF booklet

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