Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Water Scootering!

Being so hot on board the boat at the moment we decided that we would head to the Wind Tree down in Wynyard Quarter for a cool off.  We had friends over for lunch who also came for a walk which was a nice treat for them too.  The kids had already spotted the Wind Tree and got their bodies into the cooling of the water as quick as possible.

Seagulls at one side, and kids on the other, it's a multi-use pond that is chlorinated.  It's often cleaned so it's great for the kids around the city to have a dip after playing at the playground right next to it in Wynyard Quarter.

 Just a dip turned out to be a great fun and games with the scooters!  Instead of just riding them about the playground, they decided to use them to scoot into the water and had a great laugh racing in from up on the grass hill.  It was very entertaining for both me and others who were watching the new adaption of 'water scootering'.

To see more about the Wind Tree by Michio Ihara click here.

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